How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts?

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You may have seen people wearing hiking boots with shorts and wonder how they can pull off the look. Well, the truth is that you can do as well! 

Wearing hiking boots with shorts is all about knowing about the best tips and tricks to do so. Once you know how to put everything together, you can look extremely smart and confident. 

So, let’s see how to wear hiking boots with shorts!

Why Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

Before I talk about wearing hiking boots with shorts, what are the benefits of doing it? And, why not simply wear jeans or hiking pants? 

Well, some of the benefits of wearing hiking boots and shorts include:

1. Comfort During Summers 

Wearing jeans or hiking pants during summers may make you exasperated when the sun isn’t making things easier for you. 

During this time, shorts can definitely come to your rescue! When you wear hiking boots and shorts, you can save yourself against the extreme heat. This can lead to more comfort whenever you’re hiking!

2. No Issues of Jeans/Pants Being Too Long 

Do you get irritated when you have found the perfect hiking boots but your jeans or hiking pants are too long?

Due to this, you may have to fold your jeans or tuck them in, so you can walk comfortably. 

This issue won’t arise when you are wearing shorts! You can simply wear any length and you don’t have to tuck or anything. 

3. No Worries of Finding the Perfect Type 

With jeans and hiking pants, you have to keep a lot of things in mind before wearing any with boots. Moreover, there are also various types available that can make you confused. 

Yet, the same problem doesn’t arise if you wear hiking boots and shorts. Most of the shorts are comfortable as long as they aren’t too tight. 

So, if you are convinced enough to wear hiking boots with shorts, let’s see some tips for pulling off that look!

How to Wear Hiking Boots with Shorts?

Given below are some of the best tips for wearing hiking boots and shorts together. 

1. Find the Perfect Socks

This may seem totally unrelated but you need to find perfect socks if you are wearing hiking boots with shorts. 

Firstly, if you are going hiking during the summer season, your shoes may feel quite uncomfortable without socks. In fact, you can even risk shoe bites and blisters. 

On the other hand, if you find a pair of comfortable socks, you can hike without any discomfort!

As for the material, you can try going for woolen socks or even crew-length socks. Crew length socks are often more comfortable with shorts. 

2. Consider Shaving Your Legs If You Want 

Although not a must, you can consider shaving your legs if you want. Many people aren’t comfortable wearing shorts if they have more hair. Now, if you are one of those, I recommend shaving your legs.

You can do it so with the help of a trimmer or even a scissor. Just make sure you don’t hurt yourself as that can cause discomfort when you are hiking!

Again, it is totally up to you to do this or skip this step. After all, it is your comfort zone that matters in the end if you want to enjoy your hiking experience. 

3. Know the Type of Hiking Terrain 

Many hikers wear shorts and then immediately regret it due to the type of terrain they are going to hike. Thus, it becomes important to know the type of hiking terrain before you wear any type of shorts. 

For instance, if you are going mountain hiking, wearing shorts is a great idea. On the other hand, if you are going to hike around bushes, not a good idea! It is because the bushes, especially those with thorns, can cause scratches and even bleeding. 

So, in the latter situation, going for jeans or full-hiking pants is a much better option than shorts.

4. Length and Width of Shorts 

You can always wear any type of shorts you like but here’s something you may want to consider.

For length, it is always better to go for shorts that are a little above your knee caps. However, if you want you can also go for those 1-2 inches below your knees. But, if you want to look smart, always go for the ones above your knee caps. 

Contrarily, if comfort matters to you more than appearance, you can go for any length that you like.

As for the width, if you don’t want your legs to look thin, go for tapering shorts instead of baggy. These shorts start from the waist and taper towards the end. Thus, giving it a good shape and making your legs look great. 

Again, as I mentioned, if you are more of a ‘comfort person’, you can go for baggy shorts. 

5. The Style of Shorts

Shorts are available in various colors, styles, and prints. 

If you are planning to wear hiking boots and shorts, I recommend going for subtle colors. For instance, you can go for khaki, brown, olive, or even navy blue. They definitely give off a neat and tidy image. 

Additionally, you can keep it simple by going for no-prints. However, if you like prints, try to go for smaller ones. You can also go for checks or dots. 

6. The Material of Shorts

Lastly, if you are planning to wear hiking boots and shorts, you may want to find a comfortable material.

Specifically for hiking, nylon, or polyester is a great choice. You can also go for cotton material if you want but it is not a good idea. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, wearing hiking boots and shorts is definitely easy. You just need to pick a comfortable pair, follow the above tips, and you are good to go!

Additionally, the comfort they offer is always worth it.

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