The Best EDC Backpacks for Men and Women in 2022

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Every Day Carry Backpacks, also known as EDC Backpacks, are precisely what they appear to be: a tool to help you carry your everyday things with ease and comfort. Not only do they have a practical value, but they are also stylish additions to your daily look!

As you can guess, the best Everyday Carry Backpacks are those that blend style with comfortable practicality. Since people have different schedules and lifestyles, the ideal EDC backpack varies across different people. While some prefer lighter backpacks that can withstand the elements, others require larger backpacks to hold more of their stuff.

It’s not hard to believe that there are many options for EDC backpacks available in the market, making it hard for you to choose the best one for yourself. We have rounded up the best EDC backpacks of 2022 to ensure that you can step into the New Year by carrying the best blend of style and comfort that cater to your particular needs.

The Best Everyday Carry Backpacks of 2022

By now, you must have a good idea of the array of options available to find the best EDC backpacks. In order to help you decide which one to choose for your personal use, here is a roundup of the five best Everyday carry backpacks of 2022. 

The Best Overall

Armycamousa Expandable Backpack

This polyester lined backpack is amongst the best EDC backpacks of 2022 since the backpack can be used in a large variety of situations. Not only is it big enough to carry school books, but it can also extend to increase its carrying capacity, allowing weights up to 40 pounds. Moreover, the bag is water proof and weighs a light 3.6 pounds, making it easy to carry around for long distances.

The beauty of this bag is the fact that it can easily be used for school and just as easily be converted to a traveling bag where one can even fit up to three days’ worth of clothes. The bag can also be used for outdoor hiking, trekking, as well as a military assault rucksack due to its spacious interior and the range of compartments that allow even the storage of tactical gear. 

The Most Durable

HIKPRO Backpack for Men and Women

The HIKPRO Backpack is made from a premium Nylon material, and this backpack has a large number of textile threads within a piece, which makes it non-abrasive and tear-resistant. The bag’s nylon fabric is waterproof, protecting the contents of the bag for up to a whole hour in rainy conditions.  

It is also interesting to note that the material has been doubled at the base of the backpack which increases the EDC backpack’s strength and overall durability. Furthermore, it comes with a five year long warranty that gives confidence to those who opt for it.

Best Anti-Theft

Pacsafe Metrosafe Backpack

If you have a schedule that dictates that you regularly frequent public spaces, getting the Pacsafe Metrosafe backpack is a good investment. This particular backpack is one of the best EDC Backpacks for those who worry about having their valuables stolen from their backpacks while they make use of public transport.

The backpack is made of a rip-proof material that can also not be slashed by any sharp object as it has a steel mesh. The Pacsafe comes with an RFID pocket that blocks free access to essential things such as ID cards, credit/debit cards, etc., and keeps them safe from the sticky hands of pickpockets. 

The backpack has a very light weight and is also spacious enough to hold a variety of gadgets ranging from cameras to laptops. The backpack’s two zippered compartments can be locked and have hidden zips, making them good places to store your valuable belongings. 

Most Travel Friendly

Dinictis Flight Approved Travel Backpack

When it comes to carrying around one’s personal gadgets, many people want to opt for backpacks that are travel friendly. This is amongst the best EDC backpacks for travel due to the fact that it has a convenient size that can be carried and stowed on board flights. It can hold gadgets up to 15.6 inches long, and cushions them in a protective padded environment.

This ‘grab and get going’ backpack is rated as an excellent travel choice due to the fact that it has an easy-access compartment, which is a great place to stow away essential travel documents such as passports, ID cards, and tickets. These can then be accessed and made available within seconds of requirement.

The backpack is made of a high-quality material that is scratch-proof and comes with padded shoulder handles and straps to help you grip the backpack with a conveniently small amount of pressure. Thus, this backpack can be worn for hours on end, suited to long stretches of traveling, whether it be by air or bus. 

Most Stylish

DIOMO Geometric Lingge Backpack

This particular backpack is one that is sure to appeal to the most stylish of backpackers out there. Its distinctive and rather distinguished shape is a geometric wonder that has a luminous sheen that adds to its overall charm.

Made of the versatile and modern PVC material, this backpack comes with a polyester lining that secures the backpack from rips that may be a result of the weight placed within it. Uniquely closing with a drawstring clasp, this backpack can easily hold objects with lengths of up to 13 inches, making it an ideal choice for carrying everyday gadgets such as tablet devices, laptops, etc. 

More from the best EDC Backpacks of 2022

The search for the perfect backpack implies the need for a greater variety of options. Here are some of the best EDC backpacks of 2022, which may be more in tune with your needs. 

Great for Men

Oakley Men’s Street Backpack

For those who want a ‘manly’ backpack it is great to check the Oakley Men’s Street Backpack. As its name suggests, this backpack is one of the best everyday carry backpacks for men. Its masculine, bold, black color is just one of the large range of muted colors that can be chosen for its form. 

This backpack comes with a variety of zippers and an iconic diagonal compartment that can hold a variety of small nick-knacks such as keys, wallet, and even the phone, which can be accessed easily. 

Great for Women

Vaschy Water-resistant School/College Red Backpack

This brilliant red-colored backpack is one of the best everyday carry backpacks around for women who like to balance out their stylish flair with their practical needs. This backpack not just has adjustable straps, but these straps are soft and cushioning, allowing one to carry the backpack for long stretches of time with relative ease. 

It comes with five compartments that are great to hold a wide range of things, including a gadget that can span up to 15 inches. Moreover, it also sports a hidden compartment that is a good place to stow away essential items such as your passport, credit card, ID card, and even some makeup supplies.   

Most Handy

Shoulder Cross-body Backpack with USB Charging Port

If you’re looking for a backpack that is easy to carry and frees up the hands as well as a shoulder, it is wise to take a look at a cross-body backpack. Not only does it have a sleek build, but it is made of a leather material that allows one to wipe dirt and grime off easily.

This EDC backpack has a unique shape, which makes it a novelty to behold in crowds, helping you stand out, while also helping you carry all your belongings in various, easily accessible compartments.

The fact that it has a hole for headphone wires to pass through, along with a USB charging port, makes it one of the most desirable EDC backpacks of 2022. This crossbody backpack is slung across the chest and on one’s shoulder, leaving the hands and a shoulder free to move. If your day-to-day movement is a lot, it is always a great idea to get the handiest backpack around.

Convertible 2-in-1 Backpack Purse

VX Backpack Purse for Women

This fashionable backpack option is a significant contender when it comes to juggling looks with practicality. For those women who feel that they need bigger purses, or even those women who feel as if their purses are too small for the belongings they hope to carry in, it is a great idea to opt for the VX Backpack Purse. This backpack is known for its super convenient exterior pockets.

This ‘purse’ is arguably one of the best Everyday carry backpacks around, as it comes with the option of being carried either as a purse or on the shoulders—just like an everyday backpack. The fact that this bag has multiple compartments makes it a convenient partner to go to different places with, ranging from schools to the park, or even the mall.

Most Personalized

Zicac Unisex DIY Canvas Backpack

Just as its name suggests, this unique backpack allows its owners to unleash their creativity and make it completely their own. Made from a high quality canvas, this backpack can be painted upon using colors and designs of your own choosing, helping you stand out from amongst the crowd. 

Not only does it have multiple interior and exterior compartments, it makes use of twin zips to open and close. Its straps are adjustable and have some padding, which allows its wearers comfort. Moreover, this backpack can be used in multiple settings from travelling to carrying school books. 

Best Foldable

Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack 

When going outdoors, sometimes it helps to have a backpack that is not just easy to carry but is incredibly manageable when not in use. This particular backpack can be folded with ease, and its waterproof nylon fabric has a high tolerance towards the stress of abrasions. This ensures that despite all pressure, the backpack doesn’t rip easily.

The compact nature of this particular backpack ensures its place amongst the best everyday carry backpacks. By never leaving home without this backpack folded amongst your things, you can make sure that you are all set to prepare for an adventure anytime. The dual zip pockets at the face of this backpack are the perfect size for carrying small essentials as well as valuables.

It is also interesting to note that this backpack comes with a handy carabiner clip that can allow you to conveniently attach a variety of things to your backpack’s exterior. 

Why do you need an EDC Backpack?

The best everyday carry backpacks are a useful tool to help keep all the stuff you need for the day conveniently in one place. An EDC backpack is necessary for all those people who want to keep their personal items safe and always at hand.

EDC Backpacks are suitable for keeping a large range of items that include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Basic belongings: keys, wallets, phones, chargers, etc.
  • Electronic gadgets: laptop, tablet, iPad, Kindle, headphones, etc.
  • Books: school or academic textbooks, reading books, note pads, pencils, etc.
  • Articles of clothing: you never know when you might need a change of clothing, and having a backpack that can hold a spare pair of pants or t-shirt, or even a sweater can be a true life saver. 
  • Snacks: energy bars, water bottles, nuts, etc. 

As you can see, EDM backpacks can be used to carry an extensive range of objects efficiently.  

Choosing the Right EDM Backpack

One of the most important things when it comes to choosing an EDM backpack is that you remember that different people have varying opinions about what is the best backpack for them. Thus, before you can decide on the backpack you want to purchase, it is a good idea to evaluate your requirements to help you narrow down the options and bring you closer to finding the perfect EDC backpack for yourself.

There are various kinds of backpacks available for purchase, but this does not have to be a cause for alarm.  Finding the best everyday carry backpacks for the New Year 2022 doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some things that you should consider before opting for a backpack. 


EDC backpacks come in a range of materials that can impact the way it is used. 

  • Cordura/ Nylon: Some EDC backpacks are made of water resistant materials like Cordura or more commonly, nylon, which makes them great for frequent outdoor usage, especially near pools or water bodies. 
  • Rip-stop nylon: as its name suggests, rip-stop nylon is one of the most resistant to tears, and hence is an excellent choice for rough and regular handling.  
  • Cotton canvas: bags made from this material are frequently used for fashionable backpacks as they are not good for prolonged use outdoors. This is because they aren’t resistant to abrasion. 
  • PVC fabric: this material is increasingly being used to make the best everyday carry backpacks as it is a versatile option. Its increasing popularity is because of the fact that it is strong, durable, water resistant and available in many vibrant colors.

Types of EDC Backpacks:

EDC Backpacks come in various different shapes to suit their specific functions. Here is a quick list of the kind of EDC backpacks available.

  • School Backpacks: as the name suggests, these are the best everyday carry backpacks for academic related purposes. These are larger backpacks built to hold textbooks as well as note books of different sizes and shapes.
  • Laptop Backpack: these backpacks are padded and built to store gadgets such as laptops that require extra protection.
  • Rucksack Backpack: this is a large, sturdy type of backpack that is often used by hikers or those who spend most of their time outdoors. 


Finding the best EDC Backpacks can be a fun experience as it features you evaluating your needs and then deciding on which EDC backpack is the closest fit. There is a large variety of EDC backpacks readily available in the market, however our top pick for the year 2022 is the versatile Armycamousa Expandable Backpack

The Armycamousa Expandible Backpack has an excellent capacity that is capable of extending and reducing the available space on the base of need. It is also made of a superior material with polyester lining for improved durability. This backpack can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from holding school books to tactical gear for military purposes.

There are many other backpacks available and we hope that our run down of the best Everyday Carry Backpacks help you find the best EDC backpacks to suit your individual needs and preferences. While some people prefer style over comfort, the best EDC backpacks are no doubt those which can balance style and comfort perfectly. 

I hope this guide helps you find the ideal backpack for your everyday needs for the year 2022! 

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