How to Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans: 8 tips for 2022

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Many people would shudder at the thought of simply wearing hiking boots with jeans. It is because many of us often have this misconception that jeans with hiking boots aren’t a good idea. And, you may require proper attire to wear hiking boots.

Well, let’s debunk this theory right now. It is totally okay to wear hiking boots with jeans if you feel more comfortable that way. After all, hiking boots are multipurpose. They are durable, tough, waterproof, quite stylish, and easy-to-clean. What more can we ask for? 

So, to help you out, in this article I’ll talk about how wearing hiking boots with jeans is totally possible.

Comfortable and Stylish Ways For Wearing Hiking Boots With Jeans 

These are certainly some of the best ways for pairing up hiking boots with jeans: 

Tip 1: Find Jeans With Proper Length 

How many times have you found yourself tripping because your jeans’ length was way too long? Well, in this scenario, you may find yourself feeling extremely uncomfortable if you are wearing your set of hiking boots.

So, firstly, you may want to go ahead and find a proper pair of jeans having the proper length. For instance, they should just reach the boot’s top. 

Tip 2: Try Cuffing Your Jeans 

It is totally okay if you don’t wish to spend your bucks on buying a new set of jeans for hiking with the proper length. If you want, you can also try to cuff your jeans. 

To cuff your jeans, you just have to hold the lower end of it and fold it up as much as you want, depending on your comfort. 

If you find your jeans looking too shabby or floppy when you cuff them, you can try to pin roll them. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with one side of the jeans. 
  2. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, try pinching some fabric on the inside, right near the leg opening.
  3. Pinch the fabric as per the tightness you prefer
  4. Then, fold the pinched-up fabric.
  5. Hold the fabric with your thumb on the outside of the jeans’ leg opening with your forefinger inside the opening. 
  6. Then, cuff the jeans normally.

You can also check out this video to understand how to do it clearly. 

Tip 3: Go For Loose-Fitting Jeans

If you don’t find your tight-fitted jeans for hiking comfortable, you can always go for a different style of jeans. For example, there are loose-fitting jeans, such as kick-flare jeans or even simple loose-fitting jeans. 

Most of the loose-fitting jeans are quite convenient to wear with hiking boots. Now, if they are loose towards the end, you can easily cuff them or pin roll them. You can refer to tip 2 again for more information.

Tip 4: Try Out Different Types of Jeans 

There are so many types of jeans available in the market today. From skinny fit to cropped, you can try out any and see if they suit the hiking boots. 

Personally, I would recommend going for cropped jeans as they are the perfect jeans for hiking. It is because they are definitely of the appropriate length. There’s no hassle of cuffing or pin rolling them because they simply reach the top of the boots, as required!

Tip 5: Choose the Proper Fit For Hiking Boots

Forget about the jeans for hiking, sometimes you may even mess up the whole look and comfort if you don’t choose the correct hiking boots.

So, if you are planning to wear hiking boots with jeans, make sure you go for the ones that fit you properly. Keep in mind that the space between your shoe and toes should be negligible. 

Moreover, the heel length may also matter. For instance, if you lean towards loose pair of jeans, consider going for boots having a higher heel. As for those wearing tight pairs, boots having a short heel is a preferable choice. 

Once you find the perfect fit, your boots won’t look awkward with jeans!

Tip 6: Choose Flexible Colors 

You may find hiking boots available in plenty of different colors. But, you certainly wouldn’t want to pair up bright red hiking boots with subtle blue jeans!

So, for jeans for hiking, make sure you choose hiking boots having earthly tones. For example, you can go ahead with the brown shade or even classic black to make yourself look smart. 

Similarly, for jeans too, make sure you go for pleasant colors, like beige or blue. These colors will make your overall appearance look classy, adventurous, and smart. 

Tip 7: Tuck In Your Jeans 

You can also try tucking in your jeans. Now, this method may not work the best for loose jeans as you’ll probably see a bunch of fabric coming out. This can look quite untidy and may also feel extremely uncomfortable. 

However, if you have skinny jeans, you may go ahead with them. As skinny jeans usually have a thin fabric, you can try to tuck them in and see if they look fine.

Make sure that you tuck all the fabric in properly in a neat way, so it looks uniform rather than shabby. 

Tip 8: Know the Purpose

Lastly, whenever you are choosing jeans for hiking boots, try to consider the purpose. 

For example, if you are going to do some exhaustive work, stick with loose-fitting jeans as they are more comfortable. On the other hand, if you are wearing it for style purposes, you can choose any type of jeans. 

Final Thoughts 

Trust me, if you find the perfect fit for jeans and boots, nothing can stop you from rocking that look. Additionally, go for pleasant colors instead of brighter ones. This way both jeans and boots can complement each other. 

Just try out the above ways of wearing hiking boots with jeans. Because, you’ll notice that hiking boots with jeans is a great combination.

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