Best Extreme Cold Weather Camping Tents in 2022

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Cold weather camping is a risky sport itself, and it certainly isn’t the choice for the faint-hearted. From the extreme weather to the unexpected calamities, extreme cold weather camping tents are an absolute necessity, and finding good ones can be a hassle. 

Extreme weather tents are designed to keep you warm and give you the most luxurious experience you can avail of during cold weather camping. To help you choose the right extreme cold weather camping tents, we’ve made our own list and evaluated them in detail so you can leave with the best choice for you. 

Through our detailed buying guide on extreme weather tents, we’re certain that you will find the perfect fit for your cold-weather ventures. We know how important the right tent is to have the perfect experience, so let’s take a look at one of the finest extreme weather tents you can find. 

Top Best Extreme Cold Weather Camping Tents

After evaluating multiple extreme weather tents, we have come up with our list of the best cold weather camping tents that will certainly be the perfect fit for your journey. The right type of tent depends on the area you’re going to and your expedition period. 

First, let’s take a look at our top picks for this cold season of 2022, and then we’ll evaluate the best tent for you based on our buying guide!

1. Tipi Hot Tent with Mesh and Fire Retardant Stove Jack

If you’re trying to take a trip up in the icy hills, the Tipi hot tent is designed for your need. This specific tent is designed for those trying to get an icy trip to where the polar bears live and give you the ultimate survival kit for extreme weather. 

With heated floors, a double-layered exterior, and an excellent stove, this Tipi Tent makes the perfect shelter for your survival in the icy lands. While the tent presents itself to be massive and seems to be difficult to pitch, the reality is that this tent can be set up in no time with their easy-to-follow instructions, which cuts down on the time you’d need setting it up in the chilly winds. 

If you’re someone who’s looking to get the experience of cooking fresh food on site, this tent gives you the opportunity to enjoy cooking through your very own humble abode. There’s three-layered protection provided at the ground to prevent the ice from melting underneath the stove’s heat. 

The chimney is coated with a stainless ring that keeps the potentially hot areas away from the tent’s fabric. Additionally, the fabric is heat resistant, so there’s virtually no fire hazard from the stove usage and the weatherproof detail makes it easy to use in any weather.

  • Spacious move around space
  • Inbuilt stove function
  • Easy to Pitch
  • Easy ventilation
  • Only viable for 1 to 2 people at a time

2. Bessport Camping Tent 3 Person Tent Waterproof

Contrary to our last listing, the Beesport Camping Tent is one of the finest and lightest extreme weather tents you can find on the market. With its durability battling harsh weather and tough terrains, this reasonably priced tent has you covered. 

Beesport Camping tent is one of the best portable cold weather tents you can find, and its features are comparable to all high-end tents. The tent is made with silicon-coated PU of 3000mm and has a UV deflection in its rainfly, which keeps you safe and protected from every weather calamity. Additionally, the shelter comes with a snow skirt that helps to protect one from heavy snowfall. 

While the tent itself is roomy to house 3 people at a time, even if you use the 34-inch vestibule to store your luggage, the height may be a little less for someone over 6 feet. However, it’s easy to pitch nature is definitely a redeeming quality. In less than 3 minutes, you’d have the tent all pitched and set up. 

Additionally, it takes barely any time to pack this tent up, and its freestanding nature is what makes it easy to move around wherever you want without having to disassemble it. So, light packers, this is the perfect fit for you. 

  • Freestanding, easy to move around nature
  • Easy to set up
  • Ideal for light packing
  • Not as spacious for tall people

3. Pacific Pass Camping Tent 6 Person Family Dome Tent

This Pacific Pass tent is the perfect camping essential for a family of 6. With its darkroom technology and a maximum height of 68.9 inches, the tent is a spacious abode for all camping lovers. This family camping tent comes with massive mesh zippered windows to allow a well-ventilated environment. 

This tent, however, is not for use in incredibly harsh climates. While it works well in cold weather, the temperature can only be tolerated if moderated. Decked out with mesh storage rooms and pockets, the tent can easily accommodate up to 6 people at a time, even your dog!

The vertical door at the front of the tent is made to match a roomy D-shape design which allows maximum ventilation. This polyester tent comes with a hydrostatic head of 1200mm, and the well ventilated design of the tent allows you to take in the view from the comfort of your tent.

While the tent itself is durable, the seams can’t be relied on easily. It would be wiser and safer on your end if you seal the seams effectively before you head out for your venture. Additionally, the floor of the tent is not as tough either. You will need to purchase a footprint separately to prevent any leakage. 

Its massive tunnel-like shape is what makes it a spacious tent, and your feet won’t even get cramped inside the tent. With the seams all sealed up, this tent is the perfect tent for almost any weather. Although, since it’s a massive family tent, you might need a person or more to help you pitch it up as it will take around 20 minutes or so. 

  • Accessibility friendly
  • Massive spacious tent
  • Easy to move around in
  • Seams need proper sealing
  • Not for extremely harsh weathers

4. BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents for 2-3 Person Family

With excellent capabilities in the case of sudden rain and snow, this BFULL portable tent makes an excellent Tent for cold weather. The rainfly is designed to be freestanding alongside the snow skirt that is skillfully designed to provide to be accessed and set up within seconds. In fact, you can detach the rainfly and take it with you on short and light trips. 

With an impressive waterproof rating of 3000mm, this tent can withstand extensive rainfall, even a waterfall! The zippers are firmly cuffed on this tent, and the extended rainfly provides ample protection for the vestibule. 

This tent is specifically designed to be used in harsh winter weather so if you take this tent in the summer, it might get a bit too hot for you to handle. It is fully prepared with aluminum poles alongside the secure and double stitched seams, and the insulation within the tent allows you to retain the heat. 

The temperature may reach up to 20 to 25 degrees in the tent on a warm day. While the tent offers a good amount of ventilation during the winters, the vents need to be increased for equal summer season usage. 

With an accommodation of 2 to 3 people, this tent is an affordable option for those who love going for expeditions in the harshest cold weather. Although you will certainly find that the experience inside the tent is better for accommodating 2 people.

  • Impressive water resistance of 8000mm
  • Sturdy and potent aluminum poles
  • Extended vestibule and storage areas
  • Rough Zippers
  • Accommodates only 2 people comfortably

5. Snugpak Scorpion Trio Tent

This tent, in particular, is designed to fit the same detailing as that of a scorpion. With space headroom inside the tent, this 4 season tent brings you a luxurious camping experience. While the flaps’ strategic placement prevents chilly winds from entering the space, the design works in syncopation to provide a warm environment for you. 

This winter-proof tent is a must-have for the regions that are too cold for one to think about. If you’re planning to take a trip up north, this tent will have you covered. It can withstand massive amounts of rain with its hydrostatic head of nearly 5000mm, and its floor is skillfully designed to mimic the floor of a bathtub so it can withstand rain and snow easily. 

However, for heavier snowfall, the strength of the pole may not live up to the mark. While it can take a bit here and there, Mount Everest type snowfall is a hard no for this tent. However, its well-designed rainfly will keep you warm and cozy in the coldest weather. 

While the tent comes with a vestibule suitable for storing wet boots after a hike, it may be a little less spacious for storing winter items that include a stove, winter items, and so on. 

Additionally, this tent comes with a hydraulic design which means that your tent sets up in barely 3 seconds. No more, having to set the layers separately when the tent can set itself up in no time.  

  • A smart design that allows for a spacious experience
  • A winter-proof tent that remains insulated
  • Keeps out chilly winds
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Small storage space
  • Not sturdy enough for harsher snowfall

6. ZOMAKE Instant Tent for Extreme Winter Camping

The ZOMAKE Instant tent lives up to its name splendidly. With its easy setup and incredible durability, this tent proves itself to be one of the best. Given the tent’s price point paired with its features, the ZOMAKE Instant tent is amongst the best cold weather tents you can find. 

The potent tent can take light and heavy rain showers alongside snowfall with no problem. Its warm fabrication and strategically designed ventilation make it a livable tent all year round, especially in the winters. 

Through its revolutionary popup technology, you can easily pop up the tent in under a minute and have the tent ready. The secret lies in its built-in poles, optimizing the tent for easy usage and portability across areas. While it’s not designed specifically for backpacking, its lightweight and compact nature make it a comparatively compact tent. 

The two large doors paired with the massive windows make it an easy to access tent that is well ventilated throughout. The spacious tent has enough room to house two adults, along with their luggage. You don’t need to worry about water or snow trickling in with its impressive 3000mm waterproof rating and the inner fabric built with Oxford fabric. 

While this tent brings you adequate warmth in the harsh cold climates, the sunny days can be just as comfortable due to its strategic ventilation points. All in all, the tent itself is a great buy for everyone who wants to take trips in cold weather but not incredibly harsh climates. 

  • Reasonable price point
  • Easy to set up with pop up technology
  • Massive windows and doors provided
  • No catering towards heavy snowfall
  • Only room for 2 people

Buying Guide For Extreme Cold Weather Camping Tents 2022

Now that you have our list of the best tents for cold weather camping, let’s look at what features you should focus on per your needs and locations. This buying guide will surely help you narrow down the perfect choice for you. 

Shape Of The Tent 

Like how the shapes of houses differ by region, the same applies to the shape of tents. Steep walls are better for areas with heavy snowfall. They don’t let the snow gather on top and help in deflecting strong gushes of winds. 

The best shapes for the tents are the scorpion shape as well as the dome shape. These styles help in deflecting the winds effectively. Additionally, shorter tents with cross pole structures work best in harsher winters. 

The tent must also have a snow skirt joined with the vertical walls and the intersecting poles to help with the heavy snowfall. This way, the snow doesn’t accumulate under your tent or cause any potential damage. 

Tent Fabric

The tent’s fabrication obviously plays a huge role in determining its longevity and usage in the long run. The better the fabric, however, the more cash you have to drop. If your camping site is accessible through your car, opt for cotton-based tent fabrics.

Winter canvas is a common material amongst most camping tents. They are incredibly weatherproof and require minimum upkeep on your end. However, the canvas’s premium experience comes at an expensive cost, and the material is rather heavy to transport. 

The next option you can take a look at is the poly-cotton blend that provides the best of both worlds for canvas and cotton lovers. Another great option is nylon tents, which are ideal for those looking to pack light and small. With its moisture-wicking capabilities and waterproof nature, nylon is a great affordable option for many. 


When comparing 3 season tents with those compatible with 4 seasons, the former has better ventilation at the cost of lower heat retention. While the heat-insulating factor is a plus point for 4 season tents, there’s often condensation in these tents. 

Cold weather tents should have ground and rainfly vents to allow ample ventilation and make the space breathable and livable inside. You can easily change the temperature according to the vents you decide to keep open. However, if you’re opting to go camping in milder weather, then mesh windows are the way to go. You get the perfect cross ventilation and insulation. 

The spaciousness of the tent

With summer camping trips, a larger tent size works better, whereas the opposite is the winters’ case. You can easily cool a large space, but warming up and keeping a large space insulated for the winters can be a hassle. 

One formula you can apply to determine your tent’s accurate amount of space is to multiply the people occupying the place by 20 square feet. This will give you a rough estimate of the amount of spaciousness your tent requires and how many you will need to buy to accommodate your participating campers. 


We hope that you found the perfect extreme cold weather camping tents for your winter expedition this year and will finally settle on the right one for you through this article. Tents are what make half of the camping experience enjoyable so selecting the right one is surely a choice you need to make with careful consideration. Happy camping! 

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